, the leading online healthcare resource network. operate as the leading online healthcare platform available for International patients worldwide. This information platform allows patients and medical professionals to search for the best treatment options available in the country of their choice. They will be able to compare and evaluate various Healthcare providers across the globe, taking in to consideration specific medical needs and choice of location. provides breaking news, comments and articles on the latest International Healthcare initiatives, Private Hospitals & Clinics.

The site has also developed a fully comprehensive register of accredited Complementary Medical Therapies and Healthcare Professionals, which will provide an impartial national resource to refer patients on for treatments. Our aim is to increase the amount of choices patients are provided ensuring affordable, high quality medical care – anywhere in the world. Our focus is on patients with the most up-to-date, reliable and user-friendly information available which would go a long way to enhancing the Patient Choice Initiative.

The International Hospital and Clinics platform is an excellent information resource used by Patients worldwide, providing detailed information about a wide range of approved medical procedures. With the help and guidance from their GP/ Family Doctor, patients can now access internationally accredited clinics and Hospitals any where in the world with a free-to-use, user-friendly search engine.

Medical tourism

Global healthcare is facing a revolution as cut price travel allows patients to take advantage of drastically shorter waiting times and low cost, high quality care abroad. The reasons why patients travel for treatment varies but the major factors are unacceptable waiting lists in their home country, the high cost of using a physician in private practice within the U.K, and the major cutbacks in treatment availability. In the past year, an estimated 7 million patients have chosen to receive a better healthcare experience outside of their home country and Hospitals and medical facilities throughout the world are beginning to take full advantage of the financial opportunities.

The need for an easily accessible, up to date and accurate information source has become critical, especially with respect to the International Healthcare industry. In order to fully implement the patient choice' initiative with any degree of efficiency GPs must have some form of online resource, which will provide reliable up to date information on the leading international Hospitals and Clinics. provides comprehensive information on Medical Facilities, Medical Tourism service providers, Full Service Medical Facilitators and also the full profiles of all Medical Professionals concerned for their patients. guides patients and Healthcare Professionals through the wealth of Medical Tourism related information available worldwide.

Our comprehensive Medical Tourism resource is dedicated to helping Healthcare Professionals to understand and benefit from the new global healthcare opportunities available for UK patients wishing to be referred overseas.

Quality of Care

Our vision is simple, providing patients with affordable, high quality care all around the world. allows medical professionals to search, evaluate and coordinate patients’ healthcare options. They can also help patients access internationally accredited clinics and Hospitals with a free-to-use, user-friendly search engine which will provide up to date, reliable information on the best International Healthcare Options. In order for us to provide this information there are certain criteria that we have to meet and standards which we follow to help patients and the public make informed choices about their healthcare. To gain certification, has had to demonstrate that the systems and methods we use to produce our material are robust and result in material that is accurate, accessible, impartial, balanced, based on evidence and well-written. It is essential in our search for the leading international Hospitals and clinics that we carry out suitable quality control checks. These are conducted internally before we can allocate any positions on the website as we have to ensure certain criteria and accreditation's have been met.