Hospital Vita

Sofia, Bulgaria

Hospital Vita in Bulgaria

Vita Hospital - Family Of Health
Vita Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment is Bulgarian Private hospital with excellent medical traditions, founded in 2004. Our expertise focus on:
  •  Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
In Vita the field of Plastic Surgery ranges from breast reduction or augmentation, liposuction, facelifts, and skin treatments to the treatment of scars and wrinkles.
  •  Surgical Department - Bariatric Surgery
When surgery is less invasive, incisions are smaller and recovery times are shorter. Our surgeons have deep experience with laparoscopic and endoscopic techniques. Vita's Bariatric weight loss surgery is focused on addressing obesity with modern treatment strategies and technologies.
  • Orthopaedy and Traumatology Department
Our Orthopaedy and Traumatology Department offers innovative, expert care and treatment for a wide range of orthopaedic conditions affecting the bones and joints, muscles, cartilage and ligaments.Our team is devoted to provide quality and includes specialists in the fields of foot and ankle, hand, hip and knee, shoulder and elbow, spine, sports medicine and trauma. Whether you are seeking care for a sports-related injury or a condition related to aging, overuse, traumatic accident or for revision surgery, we have an expert who can help improve your quality of life, range of motion and mobility.
  •  In Vitro Department
We have proven expertise in the field of assisted reproduction, gynecology, andrology and embryology. In the laboratory are working embryologists, who are following the latest findings in the area of reproductive medicine.
Extensive experience and latest technologies
The specialists working in Vita are well known Bulgarian experts that offer uncompromising quality of medical services, accompanied by personal attitude and attention to each patient. 

"Our patients can rely on qualified medical help Twenty-Four Hours a Day, on nice attitude and special attention in the hospital as well as at their home," Tihomir Savchev MD. and Medical Director of Vita Hospital.
Vita's doctors, nurses and receptionists speak English. Some of them can communicate also in French, German and Russian.

Hospital Vita Treatments

Bariatric SurgeryEnquire
Bariatric Surgery Enquire from £4820.00
Gastric Balloon Treatment Enquire from £1225.00
Gastric Bypass Surgery Enquire from £4820.00
Sleeve Gastrectomy Enquire from £4820.00
GynaecologyEnquirefrom £1700.00
Gynaecologic Laparoscopy Enquire from £1575.00
Laparoscopic Tubal Ligation Enquire
Achilles Tendon Rupture Enquire from £1750.00
Carpal Tunnel Surgery Enquire from £1050.00
Elbow Surgery Enquire from £1750.00
Hand Surgery Enquire
Hip Replacement Enquire from £7000.00
Plastic and Cosmetic SurgeryEnquire
Abdominoplasty Enquire from £1950.00
Aesthetic medicine Enquire from £150.00
Areola Reduction Enquire from £880.00
Blepharoplasty Enquire from £1950.00
Upper lower
Body Lift Enquire
Breast Implants Enquire from £2700.00
Facelift Enquire from £2700.00
Hyaluronic Acid Threads Enquire from £270.00
Nose Surgery Enquire from £1750.00
Plastic Surgery Consultation Enquire £30.00
Tummy Tuck Enquire
Reproductive MedicineEnquire
Artificial Insemination Enquire from £450.00
Donor Egg IVF Enquire from £5300.00
Fertility Treatment Enquire
Infertility Treatment Enquire
IVF - In Vitro Fertilization Enquire £2500.00
without medications
IVM - In Vitro Maturation Enquire from £2020.00

Hospital Vita Personnel

Nikolay Popov
Dr Nikolay Popov
In Vitro Specialist
Dr. Popov is specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Endoscopic Surgery, Sterility and Head of "Endoscopic Sector" of “Vita” Hospital. He has Specializations in Endoscopic Surgery in Manchester, Great Britain; in “Sterility and In Vitro Fertilization” at “Royal Aberdeen Hospital” in Great Britain; in Laparoscopic Surgery in Kiel and Bremen - Germany and Endoscopic Clinic "Clermont Ferrand" -France= He is a member of Bulgarian Union of Physicians, Bulgarian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE),ESGE -"European Society of Gynecological Laparoscopy, Scientific Committee at ESGE
Lylia Dimitrova
Dr Lylia Dimitrova
In Vitro Specialist
Dr. Dimitrova is specialist in obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive medicine with proven experience. In 1997 she graduated from the Medical University in Sofia with highest result.
As In Vitro specialist Dr. Dimitrova has achieved 61% biochemical pregnancies with embryotransfer in 2013, 66% biochemical pregnancies for 2014 and 59% biochemical pregnancies for 2015. Dr. Dimitrova has specializations and recognized experience in IVF and assisted reproduction. During 2012 Dr. Dimitrova gained experience in  reproductive endocrinology and Sterility at In Vitro clinik Kinderwunschzentrum Goldenes Kreuz (Wien,Austria) under the supervision of prof. Shtromer and prof. Obruza.
Elena Mateva
Dr Elena Mateva
Orthopedist - traumatic surgeon
Dr. Mateva is specialist orthopedist - traumatic surgeon in Hospital Vita since 1999.  She is renowned for surgery of upper extremity and microsurgery and her minimally invasive orthopedic treatment approach, including hip surgery, hip and knee replacements. She is committed to accurately diagnosing orthopedic problems related to the bones, joints, cartilage and ligaments; as well as creating individualized treatment plans to suit each patient's surgery needs. Dr. Mateva has two specializations  in France - Paris - Institut de la Main with Prof. Tubian and Prof. Gilbert. Dr. Mateva is the author of more than 30 scientific publications.
Jivko Kanev
Dr Jivko Kanev
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Kanev is a specialist in general and abdominal surgery, surgery of upper extremity and dento-facial surgery. He has specializations and recognized specialties in Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, acquisition of major general and abdominal surgery, specialization in upper limb surgery and in Maxillo-Facial Surgery. He is a member of the Bulgarian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.
Vesselin Dinev
Dr Vesselin Dinev
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Dinev specialized plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in Paris, France. He began his training in the biggest clinic for plastic surgery - St.Louis hospital, as a member of a team of world - famous surgeons like Prof. Jean-Marie Servant, Prof. Mark Revol и Prof. Pierre Banzet.Dr. Dinev has gained experience and skills in the sphere of plastic surgery through his work in many private clinics in Paris, among which Clinique d’Alma, CCBB, Clinique Victor Hugo and others. He assisted in the aesthetic practice of some of the above-mentioned surgeons – Bernard Pavy, Robert Haddad, Stepfaine Guero, along with Marc Divaris – for hair transplantation and Serge Letessier for fillers, BOTOX and lasers. Since 2002 Dr. Dinev has been operating in Bulgaria and since 2004 in Hospital VITA, Sofia while he constantly upgrades his qualifications through participations in international forums and trainings.
Rossen Tushev
Dr Rossen Tushev
Head of Department of Surgery
Dr. Tushev graduated from the Medical Univeristy in Sofia, then spcialised in Laparoscopic surgery and Bariatric Surgery. Dr. Tushev is member of: Bulgarian Union of Physicians, Bulgarian Society of Surgery, European Association for Endoscopic Surgery (EAES), Society of American Gastrointestinal and laparoscopic Surgeons (SAGES), Croatian Society for Endoscopic Surgery (CSES), European Hernia Society (EHS-GREPA), World Society of the Abdominal Compartment Syndrome (WSACS). Co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Association for Treatment of Wounds.
Author and co-author of over 20 scientific publications in the sphere of Abdominal and Emergency Surgery.
Chanko Chankov
Dr Chanko Chankov
Orthopedist - traumatic surgeon
Dr. Chankov graduated from the Medical Academy in Sofia and acknowledged Speciality of Orthopaedics and Tramatology. He is specialist in Conventional and Laparoscopic Medicine,  Knee surgery, Arthroscopy and Joint Replacement. He is a member of: Bulgarian Society of Sports Medicine - BSSM,Bulgarian Orthopaedics and Traumathology Association – B.O.T.A., European Society of Surgery of the Knee and Arthroscopy - ESSKA, International Medical Association - IMA, European Association of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine – EFOST.