Elite Clinic

Debrecen, Hungary

Elite Clinic in Hungary

25 years in the service of body shaping and anti-aging
Dr. Csaba Molnár plastic surgeon, the founder and owner of the ELITE CLINIC private clinic. One of the most successful specialist in Hungary in plastic surgery.
Former president and general secretary of the Hungarian Society for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, national secretary and representative of Hungary of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS). Member of Plastic Surgery Professional College. Besides participating in many successful operations and performing on several congresses and professional courses, he has been the author of many publications. His 25 years of experience in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery is the ultimate guarantee for the successful treatments.

About Elite Clinic
Our clinic is in Debrecen, Hungary. The heart of the 4 story building is the unique operating theatre which represents the highest technical standards and equipment across Europe and also gives an imposing look for the Clinic. Our institution was opened in 2015.

Elite Clinic Treatments

Cosmetology Consultation Enquire £35.00
Facial Enquire from £160.00
Laser Hair Removal Enquire from £100.00
Laser Skin Resurfacing Enquire from £140.00
Laser Tattoo Removal Enquire from £100.00
Stem Cell Facelift Enquire from £1800.00
Acne Scar Treatment Enquire
Acne Treatment Enquire
Acrochordon - Skin Tag Removal Enquire
Actinic Keratoses Treatment Enquire
Benign Growth Removal Enquire
Cutaneous Horn Removal Enquire
Dermabrasion Enquire
Dermatology Consultation Enquire £35.00
Dermoscopy Enquire £35.00
Excessive Sweating Treatment Enquire
Hair and Scalp Treatment Enquire
Hyperpigmentation Treatment Enquire
Ingrown Toenail Treatment Enquire
Melasma Treatment Enquire
Mesotherapy Enquire
Milia Removal Enquire
Mole and Skin Lesion Evaluation Enquire
Mole Removal Enquire
Nail Fungus Treatment Enquire
Pigmentation Treatment Enquire
Psoriasis Treatment Enquire
Pulsed Diode Laser Hair Removal Enquire
Rosacea Treatment Enquire
Skin Biopsy Enquire
Skin Lesion Removal Enquire
Spider Veins Treatment Enquire
Stretch Marks Removal Enquire
Tattoo or Skin Mark Removal by Laser Enquire
Vitiligo Treatment Enquire
Warts Removal Enquire
Gynaecology Consultation Enquire £35.00
Hip Surgery Enquire from £1550.00
Knee Surgery Enquire from £1550.00
Orthopaedics Consultation Enquire £35.00
Stem Cell Transplant Enquire from £1550.00
Tennis or Golfer's Elbow Treatment Enquire from £1550.00
Plastic and Cosmetic SurgeryEnquire
Abdominoplasty Enquire
Aesthetic medicine Enquire
Areola Reduction Enquire
Arm Lift Enquire
Belt Lipectomy Enquire
Blepharoplasty Enquire
Body Lift Enquire
Botox Injections Enquire
Brazilian Butt Lift Enquire
Breast Augmentation Enquire
Breast Implant Removal Enquire
Breast Implant Revision Enquire
Breast Implants Enquire
Breast Lift Enquire
Breast Reconstruction Enquire
Breast Reduction Enquire
Brow Lift Enquire
Buccal Fat Extraction Enquire
Butt Lift Enquire
Buttock Augmentation Enquire
Buttock Implants Enquire
Calf Implants Enquire
Cellulite Reduction Enquire
Cheek Augmentation Enquire
Cheekbone Reduction Enquire
Chin Augmentation Enquire
Chin Implant Enquire
Cleft Lip or Palate Repair Enquire
Clitoral Hood Reduction Enquire
Collagen Enquire
Cryolipolysis Enquire
Dermal Fillers Enquire
Dimple Creation Surgery Enquire
Double Eyelid Creation Enquire
Ear Surgery Enquire
Eye Bag Removal Enquire
Eyebrow Adjustment Enquire
Face Slimming Enquire
Face Surgery Enquire
Facelift Enquire
Facial Fat Transfer Enquire
Facial Implants Enquire
Facial Trauma Surgery Enquire
Fat Reduction Enquire
FFS - Facial Feminization Surgery Enquire
Fillers Enquire
Forehead Contouring Enquire
Hairline Lowering Surgery Enquire
Halitosis Enquire
Hip Augmentation Enquire
Hyaluronic Acid Threads Enquire
Implantology Enquire
Jaw Shaping Enquire
Labiaplasty Enquire
Lip Augmentation Enquire
Lip Reduction Enquire
Lipofilling Enquire
Liposculpture Enquire
Liposuction Enquire
Lymphatic Drainage Enquire
Male Breast Augmentation Enquire
Male Breast Reduction Enquire
Mandibular Surgery Enquire
Mastopexy Enquire
Maxillofacial Surgery Enquire
Mentoplasty Enquire
Muscle Ablation Enquire
Neck Lift Enquire
Nipple Augmentation Enquire
Nipple Correction Surgery Enquire
Nipple Reduction Enquire
Nose Surgery Enquire
Oculoplastic surgery Enquire
Orthodontics Enquire
Otoplasty Enquire
Pectoral Implants Enquire
Pectus Excavatum Treatment Enquire
Perineoplasty Enquire
Plastic Surgery Consultation Enquire
Reconstructive Surgery for Burns Enquire
Rhinoplasty Enquire
Scar Removal Enquire
Stretch Mark Treatment Enquire
Tattoo removal Enquire
Thigh Lift Enquire
Thread Lift Enquire
Tummy Tuck Enquire
Varicose Veins Treatment Enquire
Wrinkle Injections Enquire
Wrinkle Treatment Enquire
Vascular MedicineEnquire
Vascular Medicine Enquire
Vascular Medicine Consultation Enquire £35.00
Sauna Enquire

Elite Clinic Personnel

Molnár Csaba
Dr Molnár Csaba
plastic surgeon, head of clinic
Csernátony  Zoltán
Dr Csernátony Zoltán
LIPOGEMS stem cell specialist, orthopaedist
Almádi Tamás
Dr Almádi Tamás
Bakos Ilona
Dr Bakos Ilona