Dr Sebastian Torres

Rome, Italy, Italy

Dr Sebastian Torres in Italy

I am Dr. Sebastian Torres and I would like to thank you for visiting my Healthcare Choices profile. I love my work and hold myself to the highest professional standards, which means that I am always seeking out opportunities for continued professional development and learning new, improved techniques. In every procedure I perform I try to find the perfect balance of science and art. I look forward to meeting you!

Specialization and preferred practice areas

My basic specialization is maxillofacial surgery and I have also done additional qualification programs in aesthetic medicine and surgery, rhinoplasty, orthognathic and breast surgery. I perform all procedures available in the area of aesthetic surgery and medicine. I mainly specialize in minimally invasive techniques for applying fillers in zones like the nose (rhinofiller), tear-trough (removing circles under the eyes) and volumetric eyebrow lifting. I also perform procedures on atypical parts of the body using Botox.

In aesthetic surgery I mainly work in lipofilling (face and body), liposuction and body contouring. I have also been performing facial rejuvenation for many years using fat and stem cells and I am involved in researching and continued education on this procedure. My other procedures include rhinoplasty, especially complex cases or reoperations after repeated failed rhinoplasties, blepharoplasty and aesthetic breast augmentation.


Dr Sebastian Torres Treatments

Chemical Peel Enquire £50.00
Acne Scar Treatment Enquire
Acne Treatment Enquire from £210.00
Acne Treatment with Laser Enquire from £210.00
Mesotherapy Enquire from £50.00
Mole Removal Enquire from £210.00
Pigmentation Treatment Enquire
Maxillofacial SurgeryEnquire
Orthognathic Surgery Enquire
Plastic and Cosmetic SurgeryEnquire
Abdominoplasty Enquire from £3355.00
Blepharoplasty Enquire from £1258.00
Botox Injections Enquire from £294.00
Breast Augmentation Enquire from £3775.00
Breast Implant Removal Enquire
Breast Implants Enquire
Breast Lift Enquire from £4613.00
Breast Reconstruction Enquire
Breast Surgery Enquire from £4500.00
Chin Surgery Enquire from £2097.00
Cryolipolysis Enquire
Dermal Fillers Enquire
Ear Surgery Enquire from £2097.00
Facelift Enquire from £6710.00
Facial Implants Enquire
Fat Grafting Enquire
Hair Replacement Enquire from £2936.00
Hair Transplant Enquire
Injectable Fillers Enquire from £294.00
Labiaplasty Enquire from £2097.00
Lipofilling Enquire from £2097.00
Liposculpture Enquire
Liposuction Enquire
Laser Liposuction - Cool Lipo Enquire from £4613.00
Laser Liposuction - Lipotherme Enquire
Laser Liposuction – MPX laser Enquire
Power Assisted Liposuction Enquire from £2936.00
Slim Lipo Laser Liposuction Enquire
Smart Lipo Liposuction Enquire
Tumescent Liposuction Enquire from £2936.00
Ultrasonic Liposuction Enquire
Mentoplasty Enquire
Neck Lift Enquire
Otoplasty Enquire from £2097.00
Rhinoplasty Enquire from £3775.00
Scar Removal Enquire
Surgical Scar Revision Enquire
Tummy Tuck Enquire