Clinica Granado Tiagonce - Plastic Surgery Clinic

Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid, Spain

Clinica Granado Tiagonce - Plastic Surgery Clinic in Spain

Clinica Granado Tiagonce opened in 1998 and was designed to provide a comfortable environment for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery patients, because of this patients who undergo pre-and-postsurgical care at Clinica Granado Tiagonce are provided with a quiet and discreet environment.

We have a multidisciplinary team of doctors and nurses specialized in plastic and aesthetic surgery as well as in aesthetic medicine

Our International department, takes care of our international patients with a special program for the families and for the patients as well

We have specialized translators of several languages

We arrange all matters concerning the trip

Clinica Granado Tiagonce - Plastic Surgery Clinic Treatments

Cosmetic Surgery PackagesEnquire
Body Packages Enquire from £486

exilis radiofrequency that combines ultrasound of last generation

Facelift Packages Enquire from £531

radiofrequency that combines ultrasound of last generation with a treatment of 5 sessions of half an hour each

performed by medical personnel

Cellulite Treatment Enquire from £265
Specific treatment to improve cellulite in the body

Chemical Peel Enquire £243
Facial Mask Enquire £88
special gold facial mask with hyaluronic
Microdermabrasion Enquire £1327

This procedure is taking in the operating theater, and it takes one hour.

the patient is sedated and does not feel any type of discomfort

PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma Facial Treatment Enquire £1061

This price is including three sessions of rich plasma facial and a session of hyaluronic , special hyaluronic that enhances the results and lengthens them

Skin Tightening Treatment Enquire £1769

Special skin tightening treatment that lasts one year.

With hyaluronic and vitamins, we get an incredible improvement in skin quality and wrinkle reduction

Body Composition Analysis Enquire £88
inbody test
Dietetics Consultation Enquire £66

consultation of 1 hour with medical specialist in diets

the diets are personalized and with specific supplementary snacks

Weight Loss Consultation Enquire £53
Weight Loss Treatment Enquire £88
Plastic and Cosmetic SurgeryEnquire
Abdominoplasty Enquire from £3538
Mini Abdominoplasty Enquire from £3096
Blepharoplasty Enquire from £1592
Breast Lift Enquire from £3980
Breast Reconstruction Enquire from £4423
Breast Reduction Enquire from £4423
Brow Lift Enquire from £2211
Buttock Implants Enquire from £3538
Liposuction Enquire from £2211
Mini-Facelift Enquire from £3538
Nipple Reduction Enquire from £796
Otoplasty Enquire from £1327
Plastic Surgery Consultation Enquire £88
Rhinoplasty Enquire from £2654
Vaginoplasty Enquire from £1327

Clinica Granado Tiagonce - Plastic Surgery Clinic Personnel

Ricardo Garcia
Mr Ricardo Garcia
Phisioteraphya | Phisioteraphist
Juan Cortes
Dr Juan Cortes
Anesthesia | Anesthesian
Sandra Pérez
Miss Sandra Pérez
Nursery | Nurse
Raquel Garcia
Mrs Raquel Garcia
Phisioteraphy | Phisioterapeuty
Agustin Granado
Dr Agustin Granado
Plastic surgery | Plastic surgeon
Teresa Del Rio
Mrs Teresa Del Rio
Administration | Head of Administration
Jesus Torres
Dr Jesus Torres
plastic surgery | surgeon
Mercedes  Belinchon
Mercedes Belinchon
Head of nurses | Nurse
Eva Garcia Hervias
Dr Eva Garcia Hervias
estetic medicine | Cosmetology doctor

I have been cosmetic doctor for 10 years

I do all kinds of cosmetic treatments always looking for naturalness in my patients

In international patients who come to visit our clinic, the most important thing is to ensure that they are going to be perfect in the established times to return to their country

Maider Furundarena
Mrs Maider Furundarena
International Department | secretary

I am a secretary in Clinica Granado Tiagonce

I speack fluently english, and i take care of the international patients

I try that our patients when they are in Spain feel at home and be able to solve all the doubts and problems that may arise during their stay with us

Clinica Granado Tiagonce - Plastic Surgery Clinic Testimonials

Great team, and great Clinic I had a breast augmentation with great results, and a good and fast recovery I fully recommend CLINICA GRANADO TIAGONCE in Madrid
Hellen Fizterald | been is Spain for a tummy tuck surgery. At the beginning i was so afraid about the process, but when i knew Dr.Granado an his team, i gain confidence. We had differents activities with their international department, as a personal traductor during our surgery.... we get tickets to theater the previous day of my surgery....great experience!!!! I really recommended this Clinic, the installations are news and very modern, and the hospital super as well I never though i could get the gut i got.
Nia Gotzer |
In my case i went to CLINICA GRANADO TIAGONGE for a liposuction. The results and the experience were perfect¡¡¡¡ i want to emphasize the professionalism and kindness of the team Thank you....i.ll be back!!!!....
Peter Branshougt |