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Dental treatment and cosmetic dentistry abroad at affordable prices!

"An attractive smile is achieved through the skilful creativity of Cosmetic Dentistry".

Dental tourism...

each dental treatment within the industry, has become very competitive on a global scale. Cosmetic dentistry involves dental procedures that aim to improve the overall aesthetics of your smile. A few Croatian dentists have achieved higest standards and opportunities that were unavailable in the past, while cosmetic dentistry has allowed people to enhance their appearance in ways never before possible. People who have not been to the dentist in many years are often amazed at what can be done to improve their dental health and their smile. Our clinic has managed to sustain affordable prices. Dentists in Croatia are among the most desired! They reveal enthusiasm towards the profession and indisputable willingness to constantly update themselves with newest approved methods and technology. Cosmetic dentistry abroad in Croatia is in its uprising! You can save money for quality therapy and enjoy the Croatian old city of Dubrovnik. During the winter season from 01.11. till 01.04. many hotels in Dubrovnik have special deals and packages. We can easily recomend Hotels in variouse categories that are in the vicinity of our clinic, just send us an enquiry and will reply with some attractive suggestions.

Dental Treatment...

cosmetic dentistry is a relatively new concept and it has broad appeal. The truth is most people want their teeth to be straighter, whiter, and pleasing to the eye when they smile. Fortunately, new technology and procedures have created vast improvements in what a dentist can do today; dental Implants, veneers, oral surgery, endodontic, prosthodontic and teeth whitening. All at affordable prices. Even Functional Therapy (TMJ), which is practiced by only 0.02 % of dentists worldwide. Today, dental diagnostics is all about new technology and is crucial for any modern therapy. It’s also important for patients before making their final choice of procedure. Our specialists can consult with the help of maximum level of such high standards and diagnostic equipment. This will allow you to attain insight of your current oral status, which upon our dental specialist in Croatia can make the best possible recommendations for you future dental health.

Our clinic in Dubrovnik...

is a small approved dental practice. We do not charge any consoltation Fees at our Clinic. If you happen to drop by, we will be glad to arrange the next possible appointment. Cosmetic dentistry in Croatia has achieved very high standards due to intensive certification and constant education of specialists abroad and locally. With this website we would like to simplify and narrow down common understanding towards the vast terminology used in cosmetic dentistry. On the right side menu of this site, you will easily find more information on any specific dental treatment in Croatia. A table of estimated intervals required for every particular procedure is also included. In addition to these high quality dental services, we would like to take this opportunity and proudly present the city of Dubrovnik. Possibly as your preferred Dental Holiday in Croatia. For those that have not visited Dubrovnik before, please view more about Dubrovnik and Croatia on this site. We have added some interesting links that will give you more information about this beautiful medieval city on the Adriatic, Mediterranean sea.

New Patients at our Clinic...

are provided with courtesy support for accommodation as well as any other information required to help them make their dental treatment abroad as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. All new patients in our clinic get teeth cleaning and polishing free of charge! Dubrovnik provides a unique combination of cosmetic dentistry abroad and holiday. Prevailing prices and quality treatment for affordable dental implants. Planning and organizing a health holiday to Croatia is worthwhile considering. Dubrovnik is a city full of rich cultural heritage, with many Hotels in all categories. Flying to Croatia (see our Dubrovnik travel info page) is also easy, many scheduled carriers e.g. British Airways, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines as well as a number of low cost airlines fly direct and regularly to Dubrovnik. If a trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia is for any reason not suitable and Zagreb maybe closer or more convenient, we easily manage dental treatment at our partner practice in Zagreb.

We look forward to answering any of your enquiries. We also encourage you to view our FAQ library and our Patient Testimonials page with true patient statements. If you have any other questions, simply contact us with your specific interests.

Looking forward to your first visit,
Your Dental specialist in Croatia
Doctor of Dental Surgery,
DDS Pero Sutalo

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Dubrovnik Dental Clinic Testimonials

Thank you Dr. Sutalo for my new crowns. I enjoyed having confidence in your work throughout the treatments and hope to see you again soon. I enjoyed using my new "choppers" through Italy, Turkey, Greece, and now at home in Alaska.
Thomas Cornwell |
I can strongly recommend dr. Sutalo, as I already for several years enjoyed his expertise and his personal approach.He always explains you very nice the problem and of course,he fixes them to. Me and my family are extremely satisfied with his work.
Martine Rooms |
I can warmly recommend Dr. Sutalo to anyone. I came to his clinic for some much needed but postponed dental work, including root canal treatment, in spring 2011. I have now started combining vacations in Dubrovnik with a dental check and am planning on doing so for many years to come. His professional enthusiasm together with very high standards in both equipment and hygiene at the clinic convinced me to have my dentist in Dubrovnik in stead of Norway. Thank you Pero
Roy Benjaminsen |