Dental Clinic Apolonija

Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

Dental Clinic Apolonija in Croatia

Dental Clinic Apolonija offers a full range of dental services including orthodontics, prostodontics, diagnostics and rehabilitation of the teeth, mouth and complete chewing system.

A private practice with a history of 40 years of loyal service, implementing modern technology and continuing education in all fields of dentistry.

One of the oldest private practices in Zagreb expanding from the established family dental office of dr. Mira Jukić, with previous long-term experience in Switzerland and Germany, situated for many years in the heart of downtown Zagreb, in Ilica 19.

Dental Clinic Apolonija Treatments

All-on-4 Enquire from £4800.00
All-on-4 - First Stage - Surgical Placement of Implants Enquire
All-on-4 - Second Stage - Attachment of Prosthesis Enquire
All-on-6 Enquire from £6600.00
Braces Enquire
Composite Braces Enquire from £2050.00
Damon 3 Enquire from £2050.00
Damon Clear Braces Enquire from £2300.00
Holding Arch Appliance Enquire from £950.00
Incognito Braces Enquire from £5050.00
Invisalign Enquire from £1300.00
Invisible Braces Enquire
Metal Braces Enquire from £1800.00
SL - Self ligation braces Enquire
Tongue Crib Appliance - Thumb Sucking Enquire
Bruxism Treatment Enquire
Ceramic Bridges Enquire
Ceramic Crown Enquire
Ceramic Fillings Enquire
Composite fillings Enquire from £30.00
Cosmetic Dentistry Enquire
Crowns Enquire
Ceramic crowns Enquire
Metal Crowns Enquire
Metal-free Crowns Enquire
Oral Rehabilitation Enquire from £390.00
Press Ceramics Enquire
Zirconia Crowns Enquire
Dental Implant Enquire
Bio-Gide® Enquire
Bio-Oss® Enquire
Dental Implants Enquire
Dental Post and Core Enquire
Fiberglass Post Enquire
Endodontics - Root Canal Treatment Enquire
Laser Cavity Diagnostics Enquire
Oral Surgery and Extractions Enquire
Bone regeneration Enquire
Orthodontics - Teeth Alignment Enquire
Preventive Dentistry Enquire
Sinus Lift Enquire from £750.00
Teeth Depigmentation Enquire
TMJ treatment Enquire
Bruxism Treatment Enquire from £70.00
Face Jaw & Neck Area Pains Enquire from £390.00
Teeth Grinding Enquire from £70.00
Tooth Reshaping Enquire
Tooth Whitening Enquire from £270.00
Veneers Enquire from £400.00
Composite Veneers Enquire
Lumineers® Enquire from £510.00
Diagnostic ImagingEnquirefrom £75.00
CBCT - Cone Beam Computed Tomography Enquire from £75.00

Dental Clinic Apolonija Personnel

Tomislav  Lauc
Dr Tomislav Lauc
D.M.D., Ph.D., D. Orthod
Dr. Lauc graduated from the school of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb in 1997, he gained his masters at the Faculty of Science, field of Anthropology and the School of Dental Medicine, field of Orthodontics, and his Ph.D in the field of biomedicine in 2003. He earned his specialist degree in orthodontics in Zagreb and has conducted education in University of Vienna. He is president of the Croatian Society of Orthodontics CMA. He has received several scientific awards, is a member of Editorial boards of scientific journals and chairman and member of many organizing committee of scientific conferences and congresses. Educated in Vienna (Austria), Huston (USA), Berlin (Germany), St. Petersburg (Russia), as well as at numerous seminars and conferences in the field of dental medicine. He is the Dahlberg Award winner from the of Dental Anthropolgy Association (DAA) and 1st award for invisible orthodontic braces at the XVIII. Congresso int. SIDO in Florence in 1996.
The field of his work is orthodontics in adults and children, the treatment of painful conditions of the masticatory system, aesthetics, smile, 3D diagnostics, implant dentistry and prosthodontics.
Ivana Toljan
Dr Ivana Toljan
D.M.D., M.S.
Graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb in 2004. Since 2006 she has been employed at Apolonija Dental Clinic.
She completed her postgraduate research study in 2011, writing her thesis in endodontics on “The effectiveness of different systems in rinsing root canals.” Upon finishing her studies she has regularly attended many conferences and seminars, as well as completing a specialization in dental prosthetics.
Area of work: restorative and cosmetic dentistry, root canal treatment (endodontics), tooth whitening and preventive dentistry.
Dr Ivana Rupić
She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in Zagreb with the theme "Učinak lasera na kvalitetu cijeljenja oralnokirurških rana" and since 2013 is an important part of our team. Professional excellence and hard work has been recognized during the study and is awarded Rector's Prize. She is warm and accessible and gentle in dealing with patients. Especially careful in working with children and quickly gained the trust of young patients.

Educated in Vienna (Austria) and Warsaw (Poland) and improved in the field of craniofacial growth and development and treatment of malocclusion. In the end it is working on her doctoral dissertation in the field of orthodontics and craniofacial morphometry. She is the author of several scientific papers published in international scientific journals and technical papers. It is a great power in the diagnosis, management and treatment of orthodontic patients and pre orthodontic preparation and restorative dentistry. She is organized and hard-working, committed to the job and the responsibility.

Gently work area as diagnostics, orthodontics for children and adults, children and preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry, the use of lasers in dentistry, cephalometric and 3D diagnostics, and dental photos.
Renata Kolarec
Renata Kolarec
Head nurse
Renata graduated from Medical school in Zagreb. After gaining experience in general medicine and surgery she was employed at Dental Clinic Apolonija.
She possesses excellent communication skills and maintains warm and caring relationships with patients and colleagues. She is diligent, hard-working and always good-natured and approachable.
Area of work: surgery, orthodontics, instrumentation, assistantships, relationship and communication with patients, implementation of ISO standard protocol, preparing 3D diagnostics
Ana  Rajić
Ana Rajić
Head dental technician
Ana earned a degree as a dental technician in Osijek. She has gained experience in dental laboratories, and since 2007 is part of the Apolonija team.
She is very diligent, responsible and genuinely cares for her patients. Her warmth and joy is encompassing. Always cheerful, polite, and pleasant, she completes her daily routine with an incredible ease. Besides being a professional and dedicated to her work, Ana is very supportive to her patients and is always available for questions and clarifications. Characterized by her outstanding work ethic.
Area of work: Prostodontiocs and dental implant technique, coordination with dental laboratories, instrumentation, assistantships, orthodontic preparation and retention.
Manda Žiljak
Manda Žiljak
Manda finished secondary medical school in Zagreb. She acquired her experience by working in various medical institutions and hospitals. She joined us in 2013 and took over the patient care and daily administration activities. Diligent, responsible and considerate, Manda quickly became an essential part of our team.
Fields of work: prosthetics and implantology instrumentation, assisting, laboratory preparation of biotechnological materials, orthodontic preparation.
Ivana Selestrin
~~Ivana Selestrin, medical radiology engineer and dental assistant
Our new associate, who graduated at the University of Applied Health Sciences (major: medical radiology) and finished the training for a dental assistant. Pedantic, tranquil, responsible, makes the patients feel calm and safe. She fits into the orientation of our work on 3D diagnostics and patient care. A new reinforcement for our team.
Fields of work: prosthetics and implantology instrumentation, assisting, coordination with radiology laboratories, CBCT 3D diagnostics.