Zagreb, Croatia

Dentum in Croatia

Dentum clinic provides dental services using the latest technology, skills and team experience. We conscientiously and responsibly provide first-rate service in a pleasant and modern environment. Your smile largely influences your self-confidence and how others perceive you! A smile can even change your life on a personal or professional level. Our dentists are skilled clinicians trained by the world's leading experts, to ensure they bring the smile back to your face. We combine the newest technology, best quality materials and advanced procedures through minimally invasive techniques.

Dentum Treatments

Bone Grafting Enquire £175.00
Crowns Enquire from £220.00
Metal Crowns Enquire £220.00
Metal-free Crowns Enquire £305.00
Temporary Crown Enquire
Zirconia Crowns Enquire £305.00
Dental Checkup Enquire
Dental Implants Enquire from £530.00
Dental Impression Enquire
Dental X-Rays Enquire
Denture Enquire £440.00
Fillings Enquire from £35.00
Root Canal Enquire from £45.00
Sinus Lift Enquire £350.00
Veneers Enquire £375.00
Plastic and Cosmetic SurgeryEnquire
Dermal Fillers Enquire £140.00

Dentum Testimonials

Amazing place. Implants and sinus lift. Was not in pain for long after the procedure. Able to go out for a meal afterwards. Saw some of the end results of other patients. Absolutely amazing. Staff are so professional. Even the injections with the local anaesthetic didn't really hurt. What a lovely bunch of people. This same procedure would have cost three times as much in the UK.
Donna O'Brien | Dentum
I would just like to thank everyone at Dentum for everything!!! From the moment I arrived, you have made me feel more than welcome, I feel like I never even left home. Everyone at the clinic are so kind and polite, all so thorough in their work, honest and professional at your job, I don't have the words to describe how happy I am that I made such a great choice to come to Zagreb and have the work done on my teeth with you, Im overwhelmed with the outcome so far as well as how much money I have saved and I'm very much looking forward to my next visit in a couple of months to continue with the treatment required. I'm now heading home and already missing you guys Thank you...thank you...thank you!!!
Marcus Anthony | Dentum
I would firstly say: I am TERRIFIED of dentists but thanks to the caring people (dentists) I am now no longer afraid... But ONLY they will be working in my mouth! From the amazing team of dentists to the wonderful team at the accommodation to the guy who picked me up from airport - everyone was caring - put me at ease immediately !!! No pressure/ no hassle/ COMPLETELY STRESS FREE!!! I love my Croatian dentist team!
Natascha Louwrens Holohan | Dentum
I would like all of you to know, this place is the way forward! The whole team from start to end are AMAZING!!! Three crowns,one implant,deep cleans,whitening,all done on first visit. Painless and a lot lighter on the pocket than here,better a quipped,with talented specialists,can't wait to go back!
Paul Eastwood | Dentum
Great service ,my experience at the dental who's so much better than what expected , very professional people everybody speaks clear and good English so no problem. The doctor are highly good I will not go anywhere else again, and Croatia is fantastic.
Dalila Meftah | Dentum
I had major works done, full set, veneers, bridges , everything , and now i have a smile like you would not believe, I had no back teeth, very little bone, but they were absolutely magic, no words can express my satisfaction!
David Pearson | Dentum
Very friendly, helpful and professional staff, treatment is second to none at a very reasonable cost. They Pick up at the airport and take you to free accommodation on site. Highly recommended.
Neil Blackwell | Dentum
Thank you Dr. Andrej, Katica, and staff for taking such good care of me when I needed prompt attention. I look forward to my next visit and future dental care when I come back to Zagreb from the Los Angeles area.
Roman Brysha | Dentum
If you’re thinking of getting some work done on your teeth, then don’t look any further than these guys. They provide an extremely professional and attentive service, and their approach to customer care is second to none. They’re not cheap but, having done my research on this, I can say without fear of contradiction that their prices offer much better value than you’ll get for the equivalent work in the UK. On top of that you get to have a nice city break in lovely Zagreb staying in some very decent accommodation which comes free as part of the deal. Dentum team literally put a smile on my face and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who’s interested. For a more detailed breakdown of my experience just get in touch.
Pascoe Sawyers‎ | Dentum
You are all fantastic, the difference you are making to people's life's is enormous. I would recommend any one to come to your clinic!
Pearl Mcneill‎ | Dentum
Amazing dental clinic. I was in Zagreb back in April and May and had a wonderful dentist who really focused on every detail with the utmost care for my teeth. I was so impressed that I am returning to Zagreb to finish my dental appointment and hopefully be seen by the exact same dentist.
Akil Thompson‎ | Dentum