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Zagreb, Croatia

K2 Dental in Croatia

K2 dental polyclinic is a genuine family practice with a long lasting tradition, at the same address for over 80 years…

The original dental practice was founded by Ivan Haladi in 1932. His successor was dr. Rudolf Mihaljević, followed by dr. Mirko Stanković who, after three years of sharpening his skills as a young dentist in West Germany, came back to Zagreb in 1975 and started a practice of his own. At the time it was one of only 5 private dental practices in the former state of Yugoslavia. It operated under the name “Ordinacija dentalne medicine dr. Mirko Stanković” for 37 years until, in 2012, the daughter of dr. Stanković, dr. Hana Kralj, stepped into her father’s shoes and opened the door to our K2 dental polyclinic, continuing the tradition of dental medicine at our current address.

More than 10 years experiences with the Norwegian patients and patients from all over the world is guarantee that you can trust us. In the relation to the EU countries , we promise you much lower costs of dental services.

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