Prestige Dental Care

Bucharest, Romania

Prestige Dental Care in Romania

Prestige Dental Care is a dental clinic founded in 2014 that has in its team young doctors with experience in the field. This clinic was born from the need of bringing quality, approachable services.
Our team is composed from doctors which are specialised in all branches of stomatological specialities such as: implantology, prosthetics, surgery, endodontics, orthodontics and aesthetics. We try to keep our team informed with the latest discoveries in the field by sending them to anual conventions that take place in our country and abroad.
Both equipment and  materials used in our clinic are topranking technologies of 2016 that fully respects European quality standards and norms for dental services. Our desire of offering an answer for any type of stomatological needs determined us to find solutions that rise to international standards and also to create a team prepared in every dental medical branch.
Besides the need of fulfilling the high quality standards our clinic also proposed to offer a pleasent , relaxing environment for our pacients through a superior comunication between doctors and pacients also combined with a friendly ambience , thus creating a strong profesional relationship with them. We beleive in creating a connection that is beyond the relationship , sometimes too cold, doctor-pacient through clear ,understandable explications of the stages that implies the treatment and all informations councerning the postoperatory stages.
Through all these elements  we try to earn the confindence of those who turns to our services and so we are triyng to earn the prestige of this clinic.

Prestige Dental Care Treatments

Apicoectomy Enquire £89.00
Bone Graft Enquire
Cosmetic Dentistry Enquire
Crowns Enquire
Ceramic crowns Enquire £205.00
Metal Ceramic Crown Enquire £130.00
Metal Crowns Enquire £65.00
Pressed Ceramic Crown Enquire £225.00
Crowns Bridges and Dentures Enquire
Dental Bridge Enquire
Dental Implant Enquire from £445.00
Dentist Consultation Enquire
Endodontics - Root Canal Treatment Enquire
Endodontist Consultation Enquire
Fillings Enquire from £40.00
Fluoride Therapy Enquire
Frenectomy Enquire
Gingival Flap Surgery Enquire
Gum Contouring and Reshaping Enquire
Gum correction Enquire
Gum Surgery Enquire
Implant Dentist Consultation Enquire
Lingual Frenectomy Enquire
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Consultation Enquire
Orthodontics - Teeth Alignment Enquire
Orthodontist Consultation Enquire
Periodontal Treatment Enquire
Periodontitis Treatment Enquire
Sinus Lift Enquire from £405.00
Sinus Lift Grafting/Elevation Enquire
Tooth Extraction Enquire from £20.00
Wisdom Tooth Extraction Enquire £45.00

Prestige Dental Care Personnel

Stanciu Victor
Dr Stanciu Victor
Implantology | Dentist

  My passion for dentistry and the desire of bringing on the market dental services that are topranking at accessible price range determined me, in 2014, to found this clinic. I think that everybody deserve a healthy and wonderful smile beacause through laughing we show that we take what’s most beautifull in life and enjoy it. From the beginning I wished I had a team of doctors with whom I could prepare and debate which treatment fits most with our pacients needs and in these years I managed to find the people that are well trained,passionate and ethical professionists which treat human beings. Our goal is that of offering a treatment which is most sustainable, durable, aesthetic and functionable, trying in the process not to change the pacients looks but to highlight his own beautifull features.
Graduated college of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" from Bucharest in 2012. 

Professional experience:
  • 2011  - january 2012 I worked as a dentis at the private clinic Lurcu Dent 
  • january 2012 - february 2014 worked at  private clinic Dentalex at Professor Dr. Iliescu
  • founder of Prestige Dental Care from 2014 
  • member of Dental Physicians College since 2012 
  • from 2006 - 2012 during summer breaks I went in internships for several clinics. 
Courses and post university activities:
  •  april 2011 : participation at course "Ridge Preservation Tehnique : How to prevent bone resorption after tooth removal" lector DDS , PHD , MS Antonio Barone.
Anghel Cristina
Dr Anghel Cristina
Prosthodontics | Dentist specialised in prosthodontics
  I've been colaborating with this clinic for 3 years now and i can tell you that after all this time the level of comunication between us is very high, this being very important in establishing future treatments and solutions which adapts best to our pacients needs. Professionalism, continuous training is at its highest level here at Prestige Dental Care.

Professional experience:
  • 2014 - present : Dentist at Prestige Dental Care 
  • 2013 - present : Dentist at Dentalex at Professor Doctor Iliescu : fixed and mobile prosthetics , implants , aesthetic restorations with pressed ceramics , zirconium, overdenture , bruxism management and algo-disfunctional syndrome , endodontics ,coronal restorations
  • 2011 - 2013 : Resident Doctor at Dental Prosthodontics in Bucharest - activity in Prosthetic Dental Clinic in Bucharest , fixed and mobile prosthetics, bruxism managament and algo-disfunctional syndrome , endodontics , coronal restorations 
  • 2011 - present : member of Dental Physicians College 
  • 2008 - 2009 : worked as an assistant in a clinic and radiology center called Milenium
  • 2007 - 2010 : Internshpis during college 
 Courses and postuniversity activities :
  • December 2013 : theme presentation : "Features of prosthetic treatment for dental-maxillary anomalies"
  • 9-11 may 2013 : participation at days of "Dental Techniques"in Sinaia. 
  • 19-20 april 2013 : participation at the first edition of AMSMB :"Peculiarities of metal-ceramic works on implants - failures and successes" 
  • 3 - 6 october 2012 : I presented the theme : "Peculiarities in the treatment of narcotic pacients " at the 16 th edition of  Congress UNAS : "Old challenges - New solutions in Dental Prosthetics.
  • 17-19 may 2012 : Participation at International Congress of Dental Aestethics - DENT - J.W. Marriot Grand Hotel Bucharest
  • 9 april 2011 : participation at course "Ridge Preservation Tehnique : How to prevent bone resorption after tooth removal" lector DDS , PHD , MS Antonio Barone
Dr Danilov Iuliana
Enddodontics resident | Dentist

My name is Iulia, I graduated college of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" from Bucharest and I'm continuing my studies to get my specialisation in endodontic treatments. I’ve been part of this team for almost 2 years and I like working here because, ever since the clinic was founded, the management succesfully created an environment where the pacients best treatment is considered as most important and also the comunication between doctors, when we establish the treatments of our pacients, is crucial.

Professional experience:
  • November 2015- Present: Dentist at Prestige Dental Care
  • January 2016- Present: Resident doctor in endodontics at Surgical Clinic of BMF(buco-maxilo-facial) „Prof. Dr. Dan Teodorescu”, Bucharest
  • November 2011- November 2016: Dental Assistent at Dentakex Clinic in Bucharest
 Education and formation:
  • 2009-2015: University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Carol Davila”, Bucharest
  • May 2016: International congress of Endodontics „Endo Masters 2016”
  • 2013: „Sterilization challenges” SITEA, Bucharest
Dr Stan Cristina
Orthodnontics | Dentist specialised in orthotdontics

  I graudated college of Medicine and Pharmacy „Carol Davila” from Bucharest and i’m specialized in orthodontic treatments. I’ve been working at Prestige Dental Care ever since i finished my specialisation, 2 years ago, and i’m very glad that i found here well trained professionists that give their utmost interest for our pacients needs.

Professional experience:
  • January 2011-January 2016: Resident Doctor in orthodontics at Emergency Hospital „St. John”, Bucharest
  • January 2011-July 2011: Clinical stage at the Hospital of Pedodontics, Bucharest
  • December 2012-2014: Dentist at Praxis clinic, Bucharest
  • July 2011-February 2012: Prophylaxis assistent
  • July 2014-January 2016: Dentist at Prestige Dental Care
  • January 2016-Presetnt: Dr. specialized in orthodontics