Beta Klinik

Bonn, Germany

Beta Klinik in Germany

We focus on the individual

Beta Klinik was founded in 2008 and has evolved from a clinic specialized in the diagnostics and treatment of head and spinal diseases to the International Private Clinic with a great variety of different medical specialties.

Quality through specialization

The optimal medical quality Beta Klinik has been providing you with since its beginnings, is only possible through specialization. In 2010, we have introduced a quality management system that has lead to the certification of our clinic according to the internationally recognized standard ISO 9001. This way, we can ensure a high quality throughout all of our medical departments.

Highest standards

Modern diagnostic devices like an open MRI scanner and state-of-the-art facilities (e.g., operating rooms, intensive care unit and rehabilitation center) meet highest requirements. The same holds for our physicians, therapists and medical staff, who have been doing further studies on a regular basis naturally.


Examinations, treatments, surgery or measures of rehabilitation are carried out in a holistic way. All medical experts work closely together at the highest level at Beta Klinik united by one goal—your health. Because we communicate efficiently with each other, we can reduce the number of appointments exactly to your individual demands. Thus, the quantity of your clinical consultations is decreased to the necessary minimum—and you can spend your precious time with the pleasant things in life.

We focus on the individual

We gladly devote our time to your individual wishes, needs and requests. Since your opinion is important to us, we carry out patient surveys, in which we ask you how satisfied you are about your out- or inpatient stay. To every person working at Beta Klinik the same applies: You are the center of our attention.

We take care of you

In addition to the high medical quality and the sensitive individual care, the environment plays an important role for your recovery and your wellbeing. You, your relatives, friends and acquaintances can feel at ease in a relaxing atmosphere, in which medical functionality goes hand in hand with an exclusive design.

Beta Klinik Treatments

Allergology Enquire
Cardiology Enquire
Cardiology Consultation Enquire
Dermatology Enquire
Diagnostic ImagingEnquire
Diagnostic Imaging Enquire
Diabetes Consultation Enquire
Endocrinology Enquire
Endocrinology Consultation Enquire
Thyroid Adenoma Treatment Enquire
ENT - Ear Nose and ThroatEnquire
Ear Nose and Throat Consultation Enquire
Breast Biopsy Enquire
Gynaecology Checkup Enquire
Gynaeocology Enquire
Neurology Enquire
Brain Tumor Surgery Enquire
Cervical Discectomy - 1 Level Enquire
Lumbar Fusion Enquire
Neurosurgery Enquire
Neurosurgery Consultation Enquire
Breast Cancer Treatment Enquire
Oncology Enquire
Ophthalmology Enquire
Carpal Tunnel Surgery Enquire
Hand Surgery Enquire
Hip Replacement Enquire
Hip Surgery Enquire
Knee Arthroscopy Enquire
Knee Surgery Enquire
Orthopaedics Enquire
Orthopaedics Consultation Enquire
Shoulder Arthroscopy Enquire
Plastic and Cosmetic SurgeryEnquire
Aesthetic medicine Enquire
Breast Implants Enquire
Facelift Enquire
Reconstructive Surgery for Burns Enquire
Spinal SurgeryEnquire
Artificial Disc Replacement Enquire
Spinal Disc Herniation Treatment Enquire
Cervical Microdiscectomy Enquire
Lumbar Microdiscectomy Enquire
Spinal Fusion Surgery Enquire
Spinal Stenosis Treatment Enquire
Vertebroplasty Enquire
Prostate Surgery Enquire
Urology Enquire
Urology Consultation Enquire