Hospital Ur Vistahermosa Fertility & Genetics

Alicante, Spain

Hospital Ur Vistahermosa Fertility & Genetics in Spain

Our innovative, steadfast dedication to the world of assisted reproduction started more than 30 years ago. It’s steadfast, thanks to our professional track record of 30 years of experience and the precision of our work.

It’s innovative, because we have always made progress. In 1983 we inaugurated the first ever sperm bank in the Valencian Community for the cryopreservation of male gametes that are used in artificial insemination or cryopreservation in cases of radiotherapy, chemotherapy treatment or surgery.

Our extensive experience has been acquired by promoting training, education and research which are the three pillars on which we have developed the most innovative treatment and assisted reproductive techniques discovered in science. We perform all techniques and we are specialised in immune problems and Genetis screenings, like PGS.

What makes our reproduction clinic in Spain the best option?
  •     Our hospital location. Our patients feel safer and more protected knowing that the unit is right inside the Clínica Vistahermosa hospital and has access to all its healthcare services whenever needed. We never set up Reproduction Units outside a hospital environment.
  •     The quality of procedures. Quality is an absolute priority in our work, which is why we are audited every year by official agencies and external auditors.
  •     Personalised treatment. We don’t work with patients, we work with people. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible and answer all questions about our treatment because we realise how complex our work is.
  •     Professional collaboration. We work with other centres and professionals involved in assisted reproduction who send us their patients; they help us improve our efficiency in terms of coordinating and completing the necessary studies that are assessed together, to give diagnoses and counselling on the treatment.
  •     Our own multidisciplinary team. It is made up of Gynecologists, Geneticists, Embryologists, Andrologists, Anesthetists, Nurses, Auxiliary Nurses, Administrative staff, among others.
  •     Coordination. This is fundamental in our work because our team works together to prevent any delays or time wasted during the assisted reproduction treatment, which obviously benefits our patients.
  •     Our success rates. Our results are well above the averages published in the Spanish Fertility Society.

Hospital Ur Vistahermosa Fertility & Genetics Treatments

Reproductive MedicineEnquire
Artificial Insemination Enquire from £700.00
Monitoring: ovulation induction (ultrasound scan, analisys and monitoring controls).
Andrology Lab: sperm preparation.
If you need donor sperm, we can offer all phenotypes as we have patients from all over the world.
Assisted Hatching Enquire
This techmique can be perfomed in an insemination, IVF, Egg donation or embryo adoption without cost for the patient.
Blastocyst Transfer Enquire
Guaranteed without any cost in Egg donation and Embryo adoption. Available and Free in IVF.
Diagnostic Tests Enquire
All diagnostic tests available.
Donor Egg IVF Enquire from £4800.00
It includes:
All donor costs (Pool over with 500 donors): interviews and screening, matching, medication and monitoring.
Endometrial scratch (if needed).
Egg collection and culture of gametes and pre-embryos.
ICSI (Sperm Micro injection).
Assisted Hatching (if needed).
Sperm basic analysis and capacitation.
Transfer in Blastocyst with time-lapse system (EEVA).
Endometrial scan before the embryo transfer.
Recipient monitoring by Email and Skype.
No waiting list.
We deal with your transfers in Alicante (Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 06.00pm) and we can book you accommodation.
Donor Sperm Enquire £275.00
Donor sperm is available for Insemination, IVF and Egg donation.

As a hospital specialised in Fertility and Genetics, we have more than 500 Sperm donors with all phenotypes.
Egg Freezing Enquire from £2900.00
It includes:
Monitoring: ovulation induction (ultrasound scan, analisys and monitoring controls).
Entitled to hospitalization and operating room.
Oocyte collection with ultrasound scan.
Anesthesiologist, instrumentalist and nurse.
Oocyte vitrification.
1 year storage.
Embryo Donation Enquire from £2000.00
We guarantee a maximum of 3 Blastocysts in each transfer. We match your characteristics and blood groups.
All the embryos are grade A and have proven fertility. All the donors are genetically normal.
Embryoscope Enquire £350.00
The Embryoscope is an incubator specially designed for the culture of the embryo, which has integrated a digital capture system of high resolution that enables the constant observation of the embryos, without taking them out of the incubator. This way, the culture environment is stable, helping the embryo development and also we obtain a lot more information of the embryos to select, as we can see fast motion, as a film, all the in vitro development.
Female Fertility Testing Enquire
All diagnostic tests available
Fertility Consultation Enquire Free
Free consultation with our medical team by Skype or telephone.
Fertility Treatment Enquire
FISH - Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Sperm Test Enquire from £140.00
FISH Test - Fluorescence in situ hybridisation to analyze the nucleus of sperm cells, probes for the 13, 18, 21, X an Y chromosomes were used by the cytogeneticists to establish how many copies of a particular chromosome are present. Statistical data analysis.
Hormone Tests Enquire from £100.00
Thrombophilia study (Prothrombin 202101, Factor V Leiden, MTHFR gene)
Analytic determination:
Anti-cardiolipin antibodies
Beta2-glycoprotein (IgG, IgM)
Lupus anticoagulant
Protein C and S
Basic coagulation test
Determination of Natural Killer cells
ICSI - Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection Enquire
ICSI is performed as standard in IVF and Egg donation. It is free for the patients.
IVF - In Vitro Fertilization Enquire from £3000.00
It includes:
Monitoring: ovulation induction (ultrasound scan, analysis and monitoring controls).
Entitled to hospitalization and operating room.
Oocyte collection with ultrasound scan.
Anesthesiologist, instrumentalist and nurse.
Andrology Lab: sperm preparation.
In Vitro Fertilization Lab: gametes and pre-embryos collection and culture.
Ambulatory embryo transfer.
Transfer in Blastocyst (if possible) with time-lapse system (EEVA).
Sperm Microinjection (no charge).
Assisted Hatching with or without fragments removal (no charge).
Embryo co-culture (no charge).
PGD - Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Enquire from £2800.00
Also PGS to screen all 24 chromosomes in the embryos.

Hospital Ur Vistahermosa Fertility & Genetics Personnel

Dr José Jesús López Gálvez
UR Vistahermosa | Medical Director
Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Valencia.
MIR (Resident Medical Intern) postgraduate specialist training on Gynecology and Obstetrics.
Specialist in Gynecology having passed the Spanish public entrance exam to work in the General Hospital of Elche and the University General Hospital of Alicante.
Director of the Reproduction Unit at Clínica Vistahermosa.
Director of the Specialist University Course on Human Reproductive Biology at Universidad Miguel Hernández, Alicante.
Director of the Special Lecture Programme on Reproductive Biomedicine from Universidad Miguel Hernández, Alicante.
Managing Director of the Reproduction Unit Group with centres in: Albacete, Almería, Denia, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia.
Contributing member of the Operative Research Centre at the Universidad Miguel Hernández, Elche and the Physical Chemistry Department at the University of Alicante.
Presentation of articles, publications and talks at Congresses on Assisted Reproduction, and Gynecology.
Organizer of numerous courses and congresses on Reproduction and Gynecology. Member of Scientific Associations: ➔ Spanish Association of Gynecology and Obstetrics ➔ Spanish Fertility Society ➔ Gynecological Endoscopy Section of the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics Spanish Association of Andrology.

Hospital Ur Vistahermosa Fertility & Genetics Testimonials

Me and my husband were looking for a baby for more than 4 years. We did lots of fertility treatment at home, UK, with no success. After a long research, we decided to look for a Clinic abroad and we found Clinic Vistahermosa and we contacted them. During all the procedure, we felt very confident with the Clinic, as everything was always very clear. The staff was very kind and they made everything very easy for us during our stay. In our fist fresh cycle, we did not achieve pregnancy. But right after a couple of months we could do our frozen remaining embryo transfer and we are happy to say that we are now pregnant, thanks to the Reproduction Unit of Vistahermosa. We do recommend it to everyone who, like us, are looking for a responsible Clinic and wishes to achieve their dream of becoming parents. Laura.
Laura Appleton |
I am single woman that decided to have a baby on my own. I was looking for anonimity and the best way was to travel somewhere else. I heard of Vistahermosa before and I first contacted them by Skype. We managed everything through the distance and I started my treatment while I still were in Switzerland. The people of the Clinic made it very easy during my preparation, with phonecalls, Skype or emails, as well as when I had to go to Spain for the egg collection. After some scans, I finally had my egg collection and I was happy because I got to have three Blastocysts. I had two transferred and I froze the third one. I was in shock when I say I was pregnant and I really hope I will give a sibling in a couple of years. I encourage people to try to achieve their dreams and, of course, I recomend Clinic Vistahermosa for any treatment.
Jade Pottier |