Hospital Quirón Teknon

Barcelona, Spain

Hospital Quirón Teknon in Spain

Quirónsalud is Spain’s leading healthcare group. Although ours is a young brand—born of the merger between idcsalud and Quirón—we have over 60 years of experience caring for people’s health and well-being.
Quirónsalud offers patients comprehensive health care that encompasses all medical specialties. We have more than 80 medical centers throughout Spain, a highly regarded professional teamthe best and latest technology, flourishing research and education programs, and a management model based on a solid commitment to quality.
Expert care and a vision of medicine based on personalization, warmth, and connection with the patient

Our Case Managers at your service

Our Case Managers are your personal advisors each time you contact us. They are trained to guide you through all the process, from choosing the right treatment and hospital, to managing all the visa arrangements. Should you need help with any travel and accommodation arrangements they will be able to help you. All of this, of course, in your own language

What makes us different?
  • Our Case Managers
  • Our tailored treatments
  • Our unique vision for hospitals and their management focused around the patient
  • Our world-class renowned specialists
  • Our commitment to our patients
  • Every time you choose us, YOU make us stand out from the rest 
Why Spain?
  • Spain is considered to have one of the best healthcare systems in the world
  • Our outstanding relation between quality and price
  • Our culture, food and way of understanding life
  • Our weather

Personalized treatment
We believe in patients not in standardized treatments, there is no such thing as two identical cases because of this we study each case for what it is; unique! Therefore we tailor every aspect of our treatments around you and any of your personal requirements (concerning religion, food, etc), offering undeniable advantages:
  • Better quality
  • Adaptable to any circumstances
  • Better and faster recovery
  • Best price

Hospital Quirón Teknon Treatments

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Cardiology Enquire
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