Over the course of the last four years, an increase in medical tourism has been experienced in Poland. Medical procedures are on the rise since more and more Europeans are arriving in search of fertility treatment in Poland. Here are some of the benefits of getting an In Vitro Fertilisation, IVF in Poland.

Before we look at the benefits of IVF in Poland, let us understand the 4-step IVF process.

1. Ovulation.

This stage involves monitoring of ovaries and egg production. The doctor will ensure that the production of eggs is taking place and ensure that the patients’ hormone levels are normal. Doctors recommend that a patient takes fertility medication to stimulate production of multiple eggs by the ovary. The purpose of this is to increase the likelihood of a successful fertility treatment in Poland. During this period, patients unable to produce eggs can discuss with the doctor on egg donation.

2. Retrieving of Eggs.

In this stage of IVF in Poland, a thin needle will be introduced into the virginal wall. Using gentle suction procedure, the doctors will retrieve fluid using vaginal ultrasound. The egg, otherwise known as the oocyte will be removed from the follicular fluid and immediately stored in a petri dish and thereafter stored in an incubator.

3. Egg Fertilisation.
This stage is when the egg stored in the incubator is introduced to the sperm. The most active sperm is isolated and introduced to the egg either by direct injection into the egg or is mixed with the egg. Thereafter, the egg and sperm are transferred to the incubator where a healthy embryo develops.

4. Embryo Transfer.

This last step involves the transfer and implantation of the embryo. Doctors examine the embryos and select the healthy ones for implantation. A speculum is used to transfer the embryos into the vagina. This is the last step of the fertility treatment in Poland.

Benefits of Fertility Treatment in Poland.

1. Good Linguistic Abilities. – In Poland, the most common languages spoken are English, Russian and German, with most tourism facilities offering exceptional linguistic abilities such as translators, which make IVF in Poland ideal.

2. Competitive Prices - Fertility treatment in Poland is offered at extremely competitive prices. This has been a major contributor to the influx of medical tourism in Poland. IVF in Poland is of the highest quality.

3. Location – IVF in Poland is also preferred due to the location of the IVF hospitals, which are strategically located in the heart of the city. Traffic is light, and it normally takes about half an hour from the airport.

4. Efficiency – Fertility treatment in Poland is at a record high 56 %. This is one of the highest pregnancy rates in Europe.

5. Accommodation – Health facilities offer assistance in terms of accommodation. A local hotel with the best facilities at low prices is assured for most people seeking fertility treatment in Poland.

Go ahead and book your IVF in Poland today and enjoy these, and much more benefits of fertility treatment in Poland.