Who accesses healthcare abroad?

It is estimated that around 8 million patients from around the globe travelled abroad for treatment in 2013, according to Patients Beyond Borders. Of these patients around 500 000 were Americans. The medical travel information service believes this is partially due to the high number of people in the US (about 50 million) who are not covered by health insurance.
Dentistry and cosmetic procedures are some of the most important healthcare services that patients are willing to travel for.

And it’s not only the uninsured who are turning to medical tourism in increasing numbers. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, rising healthcare costs have prompted insurers to consider covering their members for coverage at facilities in alternative, more affordable facilities abroad.

Benefits of medical tourism

Most patients turn to healthcare services abroad for their affordability due to high medical costs at home. Medical tourism is especially popular among those patients who are not covered by insurance.
  • Affordability of healthcare abroad
  • High-quality healthcare services and treatments in other countries
  • Safety and security
  • Exotic and interesting locations
Most popuar destinations for medical tourism

Affordable healthcare is not limited to countries in southeast Asia, one of the most popular parts of the world for medical tourism. According to PR Newswire, the most attractive destinations for health tourism in 2014 included Canada and the United Kingdom. The survey results on medical tourism were published by the Medical Tourism Index.

The top 5 medical tourism destinations in 2014 according to the survey:
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Israel
  • Singapore
  • Costa Rica
Hungary is popular among German, Austrian and Swiss patients. It offers high-quality facilities and patients can save up to 75 percent on dental treatments and cosmetic surgery, according to Patients Beyond Borders.

Facilities like the Fedasz Dental or Budapest Medical Services in Budapest offer treatment by top specialists, great customer service and affordability.
The European Union has allocated grants to countries like Poland and the Czech Republic, further supporting medical tourism to these destinations.

More European facilities offering affordable, high-quality treatments by professionals
Surgal Clinic, Czech Republic
Czech Medical Centre, Czech Republic
Fertihope Ltd, Poland
Adebar Kinderwunschordination, Austria
Revital Aspach, Austria
Centro Ginecológico Alicantino SL, Spain
General Surgery Ltd, Spain
Hospital Quirón Teknon, Spain
Healthouse Las Dunas, Spain
Medical Port, Portugal
Saint James, Malta
North Cyprus IVF Centre, Cyprus
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