Medical tourists are better off avoiding the Dominican Republic and rather travelling to countries with proven track records in medical tourism, like the United Kingdom and Canada.
The top 5 medical tourism destinations are:
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Israel
  • Singapore
  • Costa Rica
Medical tourism facilities in Europe

Another popular choice for medical tourists is Hungary. This country is popular among other European patients because they can benefit from its high-quality care and facilities at a reasonable price. Dental treatments and cosmetic surgery are up to 75 percent cheaper in Hungary than in patients’ countries of origin.

Thanks to the allocation of European Union grants that allow investment in high-tech health care facilities, countries in this region (like Poland and the Czech Republic) are becoming more and more attractive to medical tourists.

Health care facilities like the Fedasz Dental or Budapest Medical Services in Hungary offer treatment by top specialists, great customer service and affordability.

We recommend the following facilities in Poland and the Czech Republic
Fertihope Ltd, Poland
Surgal Clinic, Czech Republic
Czech Medical Centre, Czech Republic

How to ensure the best medical treatment abroad?

Always make sure that the health care provider and facility are licensed and accredited by an internationally recognized accreditation organization.
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Source Medical Tourism Index