EU Directive on cross-border healthcare

The EU's cross-border healthcare directive aims to:
  • Clarify and simplify the rules and procedures applicable to patients' access to cross-border healthcare;
  • Provide EU citizens with better information on their rights;
  • Ensure that cross-border healthcare is safe and of high-quality;
  • Promote cooperation between member states.
Based on the principle that, "if you are entitled to it here, you can get it there" the Directive allows EU citizens to choose to receive a healthcare service (including private and unplanned care) in another member state and to seek reimbursement of the costs.
This is dependent on the healthcare service being the same as or equivalent to a service that would have been provided to the patient within their home country in the circumstances of their case.

  • They may have a copy of clinical reports, diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures.
  • They will be ensured continuity of treatment after having received healthcare in another country.
  • Protection of their personal data will be guaranteed.
  • They will have all the necessary information at their disposal through the National Contact Point.