Usually people who need medical care aren’t thinking about travelling. However, medical tourism is on the rise, with more patients travelling throughout Europe, Thailand, Latin America, and India. The reasons people travel range from implants to major surgeries. The rising cost of health care in at home pushes people to look at healthcare abroad. The medical facilities in many developing countries have caught up with the standards of western countries, and many have exceeded the standards. Medical tourism hubs have fierce competition, which pushes the companies to invest in brand new equipment and treatments.

Why Should You Visit a Medical Tourism Hub?

There are many benefits of using medical tourism. Here are some reasons to think about using medical tourism for your medical treatment.

1. Price

One of the main reasons that medical tourism has taken off; the figures which are normally used range from 25 percent to 90 percent lower than the price of the cost of medical care at home. These stats are from India, which is normally the lowest priced option of similar or higher quality to western countries. Thailand is about 20 percent more expensive than India while South American and most other medical tourism hubs will cost 50 percent to 100 percent more than India.

2. Insurance

One of the largest misconceptions about medical tourism is that you need to pay out-of-pocket, and the deductible for insurance is too high to make using it worth the cost. The truth is that most insurance companies will reimburse you the cost of the expense to travel to a medical tourism location, and the procedure. This is great for them since they do not have to pay the larger domestic medical rates.

3. Service

After the price difference, many people that use medical tourism find that the service is much better abroad. In the US, many tasks are taken care of by orderlies. In most of the medical tourism locations there are larger numbers of registered nurses, which means greater individual quality patient care.

When you are looking for quality health care, medical tourism is a great option. Medical tourism has taken off in the last few years, and many of the clinics and hospitals offer much better quality of care than what is available on the patients doorstep.