Learn which countries are the top destinations for UK patient seeking dental treatment abroad.

Dental treatment is one of the most popular medical tourism procedures. UK prices for private dentistry are some of the highest in Europe, while practices taking NHS dental patients may be hard to find in many areas. Even if you can find an NHS dentist, the scale of charges that you still pay, up to £214 for crowns and bridges, can sometimes work out higher than you would pay for similar abroad.

Head for Central and Eastern Europe

By far the most popular destinations for UK dental tourists are the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. These countries are easy to get to, with short, low cost flights, and offer great value treatments combined with a cultural city break in some of Europe's finest destinations. Hungary has earned a reputation as 'the dental capital of Europe'.

Just look at the flight times and prices and see how affordable it is to travel for dental care.

Flight times and pricesDestinationCapitalFlight time from LondonFlight cost
PolandWarsaw2 hours 20 minutes£20
HungaryBudapest2 hours 30 minutes£30
Czech RepublicPrague1 hour 45 minutes£27
BulgariaSofia3 hours£35
Dental care in Central and Eastern Europe

Dental clinics in Central and Eastern Europe will surprise you with their quality, technical advancement and ultra-modern settings. There has been a huge investment in many cities, especially in the capitals, aimed at attracting dental tourists. What's more, this has become a highly competitive industry, so clinics are always looking at ways to improve their facilities and services to give them the edge. Visit the websites and you'll soon see the high standards you can expect; standards that put UK dentists in a converted house to shame.

You'll find technology and equipment in these clinics that you'll rarely find at home, as UK dentists struggle with tight budgets and bureaucracy. What's more, you'll find friendly, welcoming staff, many of whom speak good English.

Dental prices in Central and Eastern Europe
Typicial prices for dental treatment abroadDestinationCrownBridgeVeneerRoot canalExtraction
Czech Republic£180£274£182£22£22

It is easy to make savings of anywhere from 50% to over 75% by travelling to Central and Eastern Europe for your dental treatment. You can compare prices for dental treatment abroad, online. Here are a few typical example prices to be found online from major clinics.

These are just a small sample of the kind of savings you can make by travelling overseas for your dental treatment. If you have a specific treatment in mind, and are flexible as to where and when you travel, you can save even more by shopping around for the very best price.

Even when you add on the cost of flights and accommodation, these prices can still represent a significant saving compared to having the same treatment at home, plus you get to enjoy a European city break into the bargain. For minor treatments, such as root canal or an extraction, you may only have to stay for one or two nights.


Source: netdoctor