Tooth decay is a term that is used to mean the cavity on a tooth or cavities on teeth. These cavities occur when bacteria ferments sugars and carbohydrates in the oral cavity thereby producing an acid that happens to erode away the outer dental part, the enamel. They could be very painful when severe, and they might lead to disseminated infections and teeth loss if not treated early. To ensure that you stay safe, it is good to know the causes so that you prevent yourself.

1.    Eating of A lot of Sugary Foods 

Sugars taste sweet not only to human beings, but also to the oral cavity bacterial normal flora. This bacteria tend to ferment the sugars on your mouth producing an acid that corrodes your enamel. It is a process that takes seconds and you might not realise it but with chronic usage of the sugary foods, you could be accelerating your chances of getting tooth decay.

2.    Poor Oral Hygiene 

It is a fact that many people clean their teeth less than twice a day and they eat many times during the day. Food that happen to stuck in between the teeth happen to decay, thereby attracting bacteria. As a result, your teeth would be exposed to the acid and gas from the fermenting food making you to have high chances of getting a tooth decay.

3.    Excellent Nutrition 

Nutrition plays a critical role in enhancing your dental health. The teeth need calcium and magnesium for strength and robustness. If you don’t take foods that contain these minerals, your teeth enamel would be weak thereby being prone to being eroded by acids and gases produced by the fermenting bacteria.

4.    Acidic Foods and Drinks 

Many foods that people consume daily contains acids. Such foods include fish, some vegetables and wines. Carbonated drinks like soda and other juices are also acidic thereby being dangerous to the consumer. Unlike the sugary foods that need to be processed by bacteria, acidic materials directly damages your enamel every bite and sip that you take thereby escalating your chances of tooth decay.

5.    Dry Mouth for Long Period 

Saliva contains enzymes that help to combat the effects of invading bacteria in the mouth. When you have dry mouth regularly, your chances of having tooth decay are high since you would be exposed to all sorts of bacteria. Dry mouth could be caused by illnesses, some prescription or juts occur by itself.

6.    Genetics 

Some cases of tooth decay could be genetically inherited. If your parents have a weak enamel and dentine, the probability of you having the same condition is very high. This is why it is highly likely that the children would have a tooth decay if their parents had a tooth decay.

The bottom line is that tooth decay can affect anyone especially if your level of oral hygiene is not good enough to keep bacteria away.