For some couples, in vitro fertilization is their only option to get pregnant. If you are considering getting an IVF, there are several factors that you need to consider that include medical, physical, emotional and financial aspects of the decision. 

Among the factors, IVF cost is the most important deciding factor. There are instances in which insurance coverage is incomplete and paying for the procedures is considered as a huge investment. The cost of in vitro fertilization is composed of several elements, and it is important that you understand the different factors to know what to expect. 

What’s included in a Typical IVF Cycle Fee 

In vitro fertilization is a series of procedures that involves several nurses, doctors, and technicians. Most providers charge a single fee for each cycle that includes most of the major IVF cost. Take note that the fees do vary from one clinic to another. Some of the items that are included in the in vitro fertilization procedure include lab tests, ultrasounds, egg retrieval, sperm preparation, embryo culturing, and embryo transfer. 

There are also some costs connected with IVF that are not included in the per cycle expenses. These include medication, anaesthesia, and embryo storage. There are also some factors that affect the IVF cost depending on the case of the couple. 

There are some extra services that will help couples achieve pregnancy. Some factors include sperm or egg donation, embryo donation, surrogate, assisted hatching, intracytoplastmic sperm injection, and testicular sperm extraction, just to name a few. 

There is also some non-medical expenses that you need to consider as well. If the chosen clinic is overseas, then you will need to consider accommodation and travel expenses. You also need to consider the number of days off from work in order to attend doctor appointments and go through procedures. 

Top Destinations for In Vitro Fertilization

There are several countries known to be in vitro fertilization destinations. These countries provide world class IVF procedures that will ensure high rates of success. Below are some of the best countries to go to for IVF. 

One of the most affordable destinations for in vitro fertilization is India. There are various fertility clinics in the country that have been around for the last 30 years. Not only that, there are hundreds of treatment centres to choose from, and you can find one that can cater to your needs.  

Another IVF destination is Turkey. The specialists in the country are trained in the US or Europe. They often have a certification from another country, as well as owning a specialist certificate from Turkey. 

Ukraine only has a couple of fertility treatment clinics, but a lot of couples choose to get their treatment in the country because they accept surrogacy. This allows older women to be pregnant due to an egg donation

These are just some of the countries known for their in vitro fertilization. If you choose to get the treatment overseas, be sure to include the other expenses that you will occur in the country of your choice.