Every year, more and more British women are deciding to undergo fertility treatments, such as in-vitro fertilisation, abroad.  But why are so many British women seeking fertility treatments outside of the United Kingdom?  And how do they find a good fertility clinic in other countries?

Where to Go for IVF Abroad

Out of all the European countries on the list of places to go for IVF abroad, Spain has certainly stood out in recent years.  In fact, hundreds of British women seek IVF in Spain each year rather than in the UK.  One of the main factors that attract British women to a fertility clinic in Spain is the cost of IVF in Spain versus the UK.  In the UK, women under 40 are recommended to receive 3 cycles of IVF treatment to increase their chances of success.  However, the NHS imposes a fertility lottery based on postcode, meaning a couple may only be eligible for 1 cycle of IVF depending on their area.  This lottery forces many couples to seek the services of a private fertility clinic, where costs can be exorbitant and prohibitive.  

IVF abroad is often more affordable than the private route.  And, while the price of IVF in Spain varies depending on the type of treatment and the specific fertility clinic, it is generally less expensive than treatment in the UK—at times up to 25 percent less.  This is a big savings for couples who undergo multiple cycles of IVF abroad.  

Another attractive aspect of IVF in Spain is the minimal wait time for a popular IVF procedure, egg donation Egg donation in Spain is anonymous, so there are many donors and practically no wait list.  All donors are thoroughly screen for physical and psychological problems, and the high standard of each fertility clinic means that many possible donors are rejected.  A fertility clinic in Spain is set up for international patients, too, making it easier to receive IVF abroad.

How to Find a Fertility Clinic or IVF Abroad

Anyone seeking IVF abroad should do thorough research before investing time, money, and emotion into a particular fertility clinic.  While travel from the UK to Spain, for example, is affordable, costs for IVF in Spain vary greatly depending on the clinic and type of treatment sought.  Initial prices may not reflect the full cost of a treatment either.  It is important to discuss all aspects of the treatment thoroughly to locate any hidden costs.  There are also tests that patients need to receive before undergoing any IVF treatment, which usually mean additional costs.

When you are researching a particular fertility clinic, be sure that the clinic is inspected by the regional government.  Clinics that have ISO accreditation are held to extremely high standards for quality and safety.

Luckily, couples seeking IVF abroad can use online tools to find a fertility clinic that meets their needs.  An excellent, easy-to-use website to locate clinics for IVF abroad is Healthcare Choices.  Simply enter the type of treatment sought as well as location to find a fertility clinic abroad.