When looking for a fertility clinic, Turkey may not be the first country you think of, but it has given hope to many infertile couples. Usually having a baby comes naturally. According to statistics 84 out of a 100 couples in the UK fall pregnant within the first year of trying to conceive. On the other hand 1 in seven couples might not be so lucky and could have problems conceiving. If a couple has tried unsuccessfully to conceive for three years, they might be infertile.

Why Choose IVF in Turkey?

In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) is an assisted conception treatment. There are instances where the National Health Service will fund IVF, but as women get older and the chances of success grow slimmer, the NHS might not concede. The fertility drugs taken beforehand and the procedure itself can be very expensive, and there is no assurance that it will result in a successful pregnancy. Fertility treatment in Turkey still carries the same risks but at significantly lower costs. Since wages and medication fees are significantly lower than in England, the resultant IVF costs become a lot more affordable.

What to Expect From an IVF Clinic in Turkey

There are several highly specialised IVF clinics in Turkey. Some of them focus on infertility for women older than 35. Most of these specialists were schooled and trained in England or the USA. They speak fluent English and are used to working with English couples. They are able to explain the intimate procedure well, without the need of a translator. Don’t expect a waiting list like you would back home. Patients are helped as soon as they arrive. You can, however, expect personal, individualised treatment from your doctor as well as the very professional clinic staff.

Benefits of getting IVF in Turkey

Besides the issue of cost, there are other benefits to visiting an IVF clinic in Turkey. Turkish law allows doctors to transfer up to 3 embryos per transfer, as opposed to UK policy, which only allows up to 2 embryos for women fewer than 40 and a maximum of 3 for older women. Of course, this increases the chance of success significantly. While at the fertility clinic, patients have access to comprehensive care, from an all-inclusive evaluation, to some of the most advanced treatments available today.

IVF can be a very sensitive and harrowing road for couples who decide to have the treatment. Repeated cycles are emotionally and financially draining. To make the best of your experience abroad, make sure the clinic you choose is ISO 9001 certified. Gets a written quote including medicine, sedatives, hospital charges and any other expenses before leaving home?