Male infertility is more common than most people think. There are many articles and information available about infertility in women, its treatments, and causes. However, there is not a lot about of information about male fertility. This is why there are so many fertility myths. Here are the top five male fertility myths. 

1. Having Too Much Sex Will Affect Male Fertility

The male body replenishes the sperm supply in around a week. If you were to ejaculate each day for a whole week, there is the possibility that on the last day or two, your sperm count will be slightly lower. Overall, having sex every day for 4 or 5 days to cover ovulation days will not result in a large difference in your sperm count. 

2. Briefs can Impact Male Fertility

This theory has been around for decades and comes from a misunderstanding of the legitimate causes of male infertility. There are studies that have found that testicles, when exposed to high heat, can have lower sperm quality and production. However, the amount of heat that your body generates when wearing briefs is not enough to have any impact on your sperm count. Soaking in a hot tub all day could cause some infertility problems, but switching to boxers from briefs is not going to help your fertility. 

3. Male Infertility Does Not Exist

Our culture believes that fertility is only a women’s problem. This comes from the fact that women carry and give birth to the baby, so timing is essential for conception for women. However, there are many cases where a couple’s ability to conceive is not due to the woman. This fertility myth causes many couples to spend thousands of dollars on treatments that are not going to work because it is treating the wrong partner. 

Male infertility causes about on one-third of infertility cases, whereas female infertility causes another one-third, and the remaining third of infertility cases cannot be explained. This is why you and your partner should speak to your doctor and have testing done to see what treatments may work.  

4. Lubricants interfere With the Sperm’s Journey

This is only true with lubricants that contain the ingredient Nonoxynol-9, which is a spermicide. Some oil-based lubricants can slow down the sperm’s swimming speed, which can affect the sperm not reaching the egg in time. There are some lubricants that are designed with conception in mind, so they make it easier for the sperm to swim. 

5. Men are Fertile Their Whole Lives 

This is technically true that men are fertile for most of their lives, but most men will have lower sperm levels after the age of 35. Sperm is still produced, but the lower testosterone levels cause a drop in sperm counts. These lower testosterone levels can also cause genetic problems and make it harder for sperm to fertilise eggs. 

There are many causes of male infertility, which is why you should speak with your doctor if you are worried about your fertility. There are male fertility treatments available, so you do not need to suffer with infertility.