Medical Tourism is the process of going abroad in order to obtain the proper treatment. One of the most popular forms of medical tourism among British nationals would be plastic surgery since you will not be able to get this kind of treatment in NHS with the exception of special circumstances. This has prompted them to go overseas; one of the most preferred destinations would be Turkey. Apart from the highly-advanced cosmetic facilities, they are also offering competitive price reasons why most people choose to have plastic surgery in Turkey.

Reasons Why You Should Get Your Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey

With their advanced medical technology and procedure, the medical tourism of the country is on a steady rise. For people who live in UK, they have an access to higher quality of medical options as well as low cost of travel when they choose to get their plastic surgery in Turkey. The country is also renowned for their internationally-trained medical professionals, modern facilities, and affordable prices. Whether you are planning to get a liposuction or tummy tuck surgery, Turkey has all the solutions that you are looking for in terms of corrective procedures.

Minimum to No Amount of Scarring

One of the most common misconceptions on getting cosmetic surgery in Turkey is that it is not as good as the procedures done in the highly advanced society. According to the latest study, foreign clinics and hospital that mostly caters tourists offers some of the most outstanding procedures. They are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and armed with highly experienced nurses and doctors. This means that they can conduct the corrective procedure using the best methodology which can prevent scarring. Even the complicated tummy tuck surgery will create a nominal amount of scarring.


As we mentioned above, most of the tourist travel abroad choose to get plastic surgery in Turkey simply because this procedure is not accessible in their own country. In addition, the waiting list in other countries (even on private clinics and hospitals) can also be extensive. The absence of waiting list will be an advantage to people who want to receive the corrective procedure immediately. Some procedures such as Rhinoplasty can greatly improve the quality of your life. If you want to improve your breathing without waiting for an extensive period, travelling to Turkey is your best solution.

Cost Effective

Another primary reason why most people choose to get plastic surgery in Turkey is the affordable cost. The accessibility to a reasonably priced healthcare appeals to myriads of individuals who do not have medical insurance in their own country. In addition, the high cost of labour in UK will increase the cost of managing a healthcare facility which will be translated on the bill of the patient. The reduced operating cost in Turkey simply means that the corrective procedure can be offered at a more competitive rate.

Those patients who are planning to get their cosmetic surgery in Turkey should plan to arrange their travel with the help of an intermediary. They will help you find an appropriate medical facility that will suit your needs.