Many foods and drinks that we consume on a daily basis can actually hurt our teeth’s health. Drinks like coffee and wine can make our teeth less white. Even fruits can damage our tooth enamel. There are a few teeth whitening treatments that can help you make your teeth whiter.

Whitening Pens/Gels

All whitening pens or gels contain peroxide; this is the ingredient that will whiten your teeth. However, if you put them in your mouth for a few minutes, they will not do the trick. You have to apply them for 15 – 20 minutes every day so as to be able to achieve whiter teeth.

Whitening Strips

White strips can help you effectively with teeth stains. The procedure is quite simple. You just have to wear the strips for 30 minutes a day regarding to the duration of each treatment. There is only one disadvantage of this treatment. They are only able to reach the front six teeth, thus they are not ideal for a full treatment.

Glow Teeth Whitening Device

If you want an effective teeth whitening, then this is the right treatment. This machine uses a light technology along with some whitening gel in order to whiten your teeth up to five shades in less than 5 days. There is no actual disadvantage in this treatment except that it is actually quite expensive.

QuickPort Zoom

This amazing machine enables your teeth pores to open so as the peroxide to enter them and whiten your teeth. This teeth whitening treatment, is for people that do not have many stains to remove. After each treatment your dentist can also provide you with some teeth whitening layers so as to retain the white of your teeth.

White speed Zoom

This treatment is very expensive. The procedure lasts for approximately 45 minutes. With this technique, you can improve your teeth whitening up to 8 shades, which is very impressive.

Through LED technology in combine with some trays that you can later use at home, it is without a doubt the most impressive and effective treatment. You only have to arrange this treatment every one to five years, always depending on your diet habits or if you are a smoker or not.

There are many different treatments in order to achieve the desired outcome. In order to find out which one is best for you, you should probable consult with your dentist. Often people are trying too much, experimenting with several treatments that cost a lot and sometimes do not bring the desired effect.

This said you can come to the conclusion that it is best to consult with your dentist before starting a whitening treatment. He is able to better understand your teeth’s needs and which treatment would be most effective on you. Save some money and begin today a treatment that can provide you with the confidence to smile.