The women of today have the option to have kids later in their life. Oocyte Preservation popularly known as egg freezing will allow them to delay their pregnancy on a later stage. Those women who are in their prime years will see no issue in building their family. Unfortunately, not all women are ready to start with their family; some women feel that they lack the capacity or the knowledge to properly manage their family due to their different responsibilities in life. Oocyte Preservation is a relatively new procedure which is why there are lots of misconceptions about it. This article will try to enlighten you about the most common questions about this medical procedure.

What Is Egg Freezing and How Does It Work?

As woman hit the age 30, the quality of their eggs will start to decline. It tends to contain chromosomal abnormalities. Once they reach their menopausal stage, their ovulation will stop. Before the medical professionals start with the egg freezing process, he will need to assess your fertility history and menstrual cycle. Your hormonal level will also be examined.

In normal cases, the average woman will release a single egg per month. This means that there are few eggs available to freeze which also means fewer possibilities of pregnancy. Fortunately, there are ways on how to maximise the amount of eggs. By going through hormonal treatment, the woman will be injected with hormones 1-3 times daily. They will also be instructed to ingest birth-control pills before starting with the hormonal treatment. This will help in suppressing the natural cycle and increase the probability that the hormonal treatment will work. Regular blood test will be conducted to analyse the impact of the treatment. Ultrasound will also be necessary in examining the ovulation and detecting the development of eggs that can be used for egg freezing.

After the eggs have fully matured, it is now time for the doctors to extract it. He will direct a needle into your ovarian follicle. An ultrasound will also be used to guide him in this process. In some rare cases where the eggs will not be visible through ultrasound, the doctors will be compelled to conduct an abdominal surgery to manually remove the eggs that will undergo egg freezing.

Who Should Consider This Procedure?

Women who want to freeze their eggs should decide early in their life. Some clinics have certain restrictions on women who are 40 years old, and others will not allow 45 years old and above to undergo egg freezing. Some of the reason why women choose to freeze their egg includes the following:
  • Health concerns such as organ failure and infections. Remember that there are different health issues that can affect the quality of the egg.
  • Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy virtually destroy your fertility.
  • Women who want to have their child but have yet to find their partner.
  • Women who are pursuing a demanding educational or career path.
Egg freezing will stop the egg from aging. Generally, the frozen egg will be a lot healthier compared to the new egg of older women which increase the likelihood of pregnancy.