Cancer treatment is by far one of the most important topics amongst doctors and patients worldwide. Although many patients have been suffering from cancer over the past few decades, the truth is that nowadays doctors have more powerful allies to help them out. 

Thanks to the gigantic steps taken by Medicine in the field of cancer treatment, there are now many different methods and approaches for patients to benefit from. Let us have a look at the most frequent cancer treatment options available all over the world, shall we? 

Most Widespread Types of Cancer Treatment


Chemotherapy is perhaps the most commonly used cancer treatment at a global scale. It involves the use of chemicals, so as to kill the cancer cells and fight off the disease.  Although it is a highly reliable and effective treatment, it does not come without side effects. However, it not only fights the cancer cells; it also improves the symptoms of the patient. 

Radiation Therapy

In this case, radiation is used to kill the cancer cells. Obviously, it takes a lot of radiation to do that. Most of the times, cancer cells are destroyed. Otherwise, they are reduced significantly. External beam and internal beam radiation therapy are the most popular options available. 


Surgery could not be left out when it comes to cancer treatment options. Patients are tested, and then they undergo surgical operation so that the cancer gets removed. Even though this is a powerful option, there are times when the cancer gets metastasis. This means that it moves from one organ to the next and therefore new treatment is required. 

Stem Cell Transplant

In this case, stem cell transplant involves the use of new stem cells that will form blood to patients who cannot do that on their own. This happens mainly due to the overwhelming side effects of chemotherapy and other radical treatments. You can benefit from red blood cells, white blood cells or platelets. 

Hormone Therapy

Hormonal balance is of the essence, in avoidance of certain cancer types. When cancer uses hormones to grow and spread all over the body, hormone (or hormonal) therapy is a necessity. With the use of the proper hormones, cancer is treated fully or reduced to a great extent. Hormone therapy either works by blocking the hormonal production or the way hormones function within the body. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are quite a few different cancer treatment options available nowadays. There is no “one fits all” solution, which means that the doctor will offer the most suitable solution that meets each patient’s individual needs. 

By trusting medicine, patients now have a lot more alternatives, and they can expect to live long, happy lives without compromising on their quality. Cancer is a battle and needs to be fought hard, always with the right allies by your side!