Today’s Orthodontics has brought forth effective dental products, methods and therapeutic interventions that are meant to restore and uphold excellent dental health of individuals.

One of the common dental conditions that affect people is teeth misalignment where the teeth are arranged in an inappropriate style that is compromising the beauty of the persons smile or inconveniencing the person to close the mouth appropriately. Through braces, teeth can be re-aligned afresh, and people can gain their normal attractive smiles again. There are many kinds of braces that are available, so depending on what you want, you can choose from the following types.

1. Metal Braces 

These are also known as the traditional wires, and brackets. They are made from inert metal wires and they are made with various sizes to fit the different kind of users. Although they are helpful, they are not as effective as the modern ones. The modern arch wires are heat-activated and the heat helps in straightening the teeth and you will receive amazing results within a short time. The metal used must not contain chemicals that will react with the teeth when in contact.

2. Ceramic Braces 

These look like the metal braces in size and formality. The only difference is that the ceramic are made using the colour of the teeth and they are less noticeable. Many people like doing teeth straightening using these braces because they are less bothering and they produce results within a very short time. The only drawback is that they are highly expensive compared to metal braces.

3. Lingual Braces 

These are the same as the metal braces except for the fact that these braces are put on the inner side of the teeth. Nobody will see them when you smile unless you lie down and open your mouth. The disadvantage is that they inconvenience people when chewing especially when you are chewing large pieces like fruits. Even biting could be a problem if they are large in size.

4. Invisalign

This is a teeth straightening method that involves the installation of custom made mouth guard. Every tooth is made with its own space on the Invisalign thereby making the brace to fit perfectly in the mouth. Remember you cannot have these braces until your oral measurements are taken so that a perfect brace is made for you. Users can remove them any time they want to and wear them whenever they feel like. Owing to this removable nature of these braces, the results could be delayed especially on those who like removing them now and then.

Before having braces, the degree of teeth misalignment should be measured so that an effective and customised brace is made for. There are no readymade braces, therefore, you should undergo all the procedures to determine the appropriate size. If your teeth misalignment is due to pathological issues, you must make sure that those pathological conditions are treated before wearing braces. As the alignment is getting reduced, the brace might become lose, and they will need to be re-adjusted or changed to become good.