Dentistry in South Africa has been renowned over the years for its leading roll in the diagnosis of pathology due to the combination of 1st world and 3rd world living conditions.
With the availability of 1st world technology and training facilities combined with a mixture of dental awareness under the general public, South African dentists have built a proud record both locally as well as abroad.
Dentalwize, as a group practice, is no exception. With practices like their Claremont and Somerset-West branches, they have established themselves as an upmarket, very affordable alternative to those who are looking for an improved dental outcome.
These two practices offer advanced treatments like implants, overdentures, crown and bridge work, laser treatment, one visit porcelain inlays and all sorts of general dentistry under local anaesthetic, conscious sedation or general anaesthesia. Together with their team of experienced dentists at these two facilities, Dentalwize will be able to combine their services with the best after care possible to make this a pleasant experience. Their staff is really committed towards putting your needs first and to strive at reaching the very best result under all circumstances.
Dentalwize Claremont is ideally situated for those who would simultaneously like to experience Cape Town with all its many attractions. It gives you the chance to visit Table Mountain, the V&A Waterfront with its restaurants, shops, local crafts, theatres, museums, lovely beaches all the way around the peninsula, world famous Newlands rugby and cricket stadiums, boat trips, skydiving and much, much more.
Dentalwize Somerset-West on the other hand offers lovely mountainous regions with typical vineyards, wine farms, beautiful beaches, surfing and the most enjoyable markets with top entertainment and cuisine. Being just half an hour's drive from Stellenbosch and Franschoek, it makes out to be one of the top tourism destinations in the world!
South Africa has recently been rated as the top touring destination in the world and has travelers raving about its beauty. It has the highest repeat tourism of any long haul destination in the world because of its stupendous natural beauty as well as being urban-amazing too! The metropolis of Cape Town is more often than not picked as the most beautiful city on earth by travel lists and tourists alike, because of both its unparalleled natural setting and gorgeous architecture.
This setting is on a coastline hailed as the most beautiful on earth. In fact the country has three of the world's ten most beautiful coastal drives including Clarens Drive and Chapman's Peak. These were number one and number two most beautiful coastal drives respectively.
South Africa also has an astonishing variety of marine life, with almost twice the number of marine species as the whole Mediterranean in a coastline only 2000 miles long. It's the best place in the world to view whales from shore, and to swim with great white sharks. The world's largest migration of Ocean life occurs here, and is one of the two largest migrations of any kind on earth.
With some of the finest national parks in the world, including the Kgalagadi, Isimangaliso, Hluhlue Imfolozi and Tsitsikamma, South Africa has been rated the finest wildlife destination on earth and is Africa's most biodiverse. That's much of where it leaps ahead of other countries in terms of beauty. What's better than a great sunset? A great sunset with giraffes or elephants in front! The Greater Kruger National Park and Limpopo Transfrontier Park has more species of large mammal than anywhere else in the world. Surrounding Cape Town is the world's densest plant kingdom by species count. The King Protea flower is a gorgeous bloom the size of a dinner plate!
Surrounded by Cape Town is one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, Table Mountain. When viewed from across Table Bay this world wonder provides one of the greatest views on Earth, and has been named one of the world's greatest mountains. Incredibly, two of the eleven mountains chosen for this honour are located entirely within South Africa, more than is claimed by any other country. The other is the Amphitheatre, a gigantic cliff regarded as one of the most impressive in the world. Its cliff face is around ten times the size of the main South Western face of Yosemite's El Capitan and six times the size of the North Face of Switzerland's Matterhorn!
Taking all this into consideration together with the current British Pound vs. South African Rand exchange rate, it becomes a very attractive and affordable option for the British citizen to combine their dental treatment at Dentalwize South Africa with a much deserved holiday!  
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