Thousands of women are going through a breast augmentation annually. There are times that it may constitute breast implants that will increase the volume on their bust area. Breast implant is a reconstructive procedure which is conducted to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the breast. Some women use this to correct the deformation or repair their disproportionate breast. Before you even set an appointment on your cosmetic surgeon, you need to be aware on the different types of implant available today.

Different Breast Implants Options

Knowing which type of breast implant is the best for you will make sure that you will get the desired solution for your problems while preventing any risk from happening.


This breast implant is composed of sterilised salt water. On the off chance that the shell of this implant leak, the saline will be absorbed and excreted by our body. This product is approved by the FDA for women ages 18 years old and above. It is designed to give your breast a uniform structure and firmness. There are also structured types of saline breast implants that come with inner structure which will make your breast appear more natural.


This uses a silicone gel as its filling. Compared to the other types of breast implants, the silicone gel has a consistency similar with a natural tissue found in our breast. In case it leaks, the gel will be contained in the shell or the pocket. To those who will choose a silicone gel implant, you will need to visit your doctor regularly to ensure that it is still in its good condition. The doctor may perform MRI or ultrasound to determine the condition of the implant.

Gummy Bear

Gummy bear also known as form-stable implant has the ability to maintain the shape and structure of your breast even if the shell of the implant was broken. Compared to the regular type of silicone breast implants, the consistency used in gummy bear is considerably thicker thus making it firmer. The placement of this implant is crucial. Improper positioning may lead to an odd-looking breast that will require a separate procedure in order to correct. 

Round Breast

This type of implant will make your breast appear fuller than the conventional type of breast implants. It is available with a higher profile that can help you achieve an elevated projection. Since it has a round structure, there is absolutely no concern if the implant will rotate after the surgery.

Smooth Implants

This is one of the breast implants that appear smooth to the touch. They can easily shift to the pockets of the implant making them appear more natural. Smooth implant can create a clear and visible wrinkle on our skin.

With the continuous development and innovation in the cosmetic industry, there might be more options for you in the near future. Whether you choose breast implants that contain silicone or saline materials, it is essential that you keep track of its condition. A follow-up checkups, and regular visit on your plastic surgeon is recommended.