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About Croatia

Croatia is a country located in the southeast of europe on the Mediterranean and has a population of over 4 million people. The official language in Croatia is Croatian with over 95% of the population speaking Croatian. Croatia is famous for its spectacular beaches and boasts over 1000 islands.

Healthcare in Croatia

Croatia offers great savings and top quality treatments. Croatia takes advantage of the fact that medical treatments in other developed countries are expensive and have long waiting times. With the combination of quality medical care and being an attractive tourist destination, Croatia stands out as the perfect Medical Tourism destination.

The Transport System in Croatia

The transport system in Croatia consists of road, rail, water and air. Along the coast you can easily get to your destination using the ferries, you can also use the extensive network of rail and road to move around croatia at ease. The highways in Croatia are regarded as being one of the safest and most modern in Europe.

Airports in Croatia

The most popular airports in Croatia are:

  • Franjo Tuđman Airport in Zagreb
  • Split Airport in Split
  • Dubrovnik Airport in Dubrovnik
  • Zadar Airport in Zadar

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